Westchester's Garden

My aunt hired this landscaper to plant flowers around the house last summer. Needless to say, this job was costly and months after planting, there were no results. The first month went by and there was nothing but green bushes. My cousin would water them relentlessly, and yet nothing. At this point, I thought to myself, the landscaper is probably going to lose my aunt as a customer, and unlike last summer, I wouldn’t be able to vouch for him and convince my aunt that he does do a wonderful job and she should give him a second chance.

Rain storm after rain storm and sunshine after sunny day and still there they sat, bushes that should have been blooming with flowers, stood there plain and flowerless.

Until one week we took notice, and it was as if the flowers said,” I have arrived.” Bushes that were once dull and green were now flourishing with pinks, purples, and blues. The summer was soon coming to an end and just when we had given up hope, there they were. The flowers weren’t worried about our timing or our eagerness for them to blossom. They bloomed when they were right and ready. So,what if everyone’s house in our neighborhood were decorated in flowers?

This had me thinking. Why was I so worried about everyone else’scomments and concerns about my progression? The flowers in front our home bloomed when they were good and ready. So why shouldn’t I do the same? Had the flowers blossomed earlier, would they have been as beautiful as they are now. Would the introduction of their beauty have the same impact on its audience? While I may never know the answers to that question, what I have learned from those flowers is that screw what people say about your timing. Show up and show out when you are ready. People are going to talk about you regardless, so why not take your time and really give them something to talk about.